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Together we shape the sustainable cities and communities of the future.

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Sweco and VK architects+engineers will join forces

Engineering and architecture firm Sweco acquires sector peer VK architects+engineers through a Share Purchase Agreement. By joining forces, we can better cope with the successive social, ecological and technological changes. Together with our clients we co-create solutions that transform societies. Read more

Sweco concludes an agreement with Futureproofed

Engineering firm Sweco acquires Futureproofed through a Share Purchase Agreement. This leading climate-tech start-up guides companies and cities towards a low-carbon future. By going together, we offer our clients added value in terms of digital solutions that scale up and accelerate the climate transition. Read more

Sweco concludes an agreement with V2S

Engineering firm Sweco has entered into a Share Purchase Agreement with V2S. V2S specialises in structural studies and has a good reputation in the Limburg construction industry. With this joining of forces, we will reinforce our position in the fast-growing market of integrated construction projects. Read more

Sweco collaborates on largest circular water project in Flanders

Sweco has been appointed to design the pipe distribution network for the cooling water plant of the Waterkracht project. Together with project partners Aquafin, water-link, Ekopak and the infra-fund managed by PMV, we are helping in the impactful project to upgrade treated wastewater into cooling water for companies in the port of Antwerp. This collaboration is an important milestone in the transition to a sustainable port. Read more

The circular city transformation – 5 pathways and 15 concrete actions

In a new Urban Insight report by Sweco, “The circular city transformation - 5 pathways and 15 concrete actions”, we demonstrate how cities should leverage their roles as innovation hubs, economic centres and accessible spaces to design out waste, regenerate natural systems and keep products and resources in use. Read more

Sweco concludes an agreement with VENAC

Sweco engineering firm has entered into a Share Purchase Agreement with VENAC. This firm is a leader in acoustic studies for the Belgian and Luxembourg construction market. By merging, we have at our disposal an exceptionally broad service offering for integrated construction projects. Read more

Sweco designs green hydrogen plant in Norway

INOVYN, a subsidiary of chemical company INEOS, plans to build one of Norway's first green hydrogen plants. The new electrolyser will have a capacity of 20 megawatts. The CO2 reduction amounts to at least 22,000 tonnes per year, a very significant reduction in INEOS' carbon footprint in Norway. The Belgian and Norwegian experts from engineering firm Sweco will provide the conceptual engineering. Read more

How to promote a circular economy

Within a few years, we have been hit by the powerful impact of climate change, pandemics and wars. Meanwhile, a growing population means that fewer resources need to stretch further. Our lifestyle of consumption is a major cause of the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere – and we urgently need to move from wasteful to resourceful. Read more

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