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New Urban Insight white paper: from grey to green

The EU has one of the densest transport infrastructure networks in the world, but age and increasing pressure due to rising traffic is taking its toll. Moreover, the impact of climate change is exacerbating the situation, evident from the aftermath the floods that ravaged the Netherlands, Belgium, and the north-western part of Germany during the summer of 2021. How can nature-based solutions improve transport infrastructure resilience?

5 lessons learned for a successful implementation

Nature-based solutions (NBS) are natural solutions provided by healthy ecosystems and green infrastructure that can deliver significant economic and resilience benefits. NBS investments reduce carbon emissions, strengthen resilience to disasters, decrease biodiversity loss, and benefit human and ecosystem health.

In the white paper “From Grey to Green – Resilient transport infrastructure through nature-based solutions” from Urban Insight we highlight the benefits of NBS, showcase inspiring and innovative projects and discuss different aspects of NBS in infrastructure.
Discover the five fundamental lessons learned from the implementation of Nature-Based Solutions in transport infrastructure, along with our top recommendations for achieving success.