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Release Urban Insight’s trend report ‘The Race towards a Green and Resilient Industrial Sector’

Sweco experts analyze progress in European industry’s quest for sustainability and resilience. Driven by the green transition, a rapid transformation of all industries is underway, with many innovative solutions reshaping every sector.

“Companies are actively transforming to not only meet eco-friendly standards and societal demands, but to lead the charge in building a strong, sustainable, and competitive future with advanced, reliable green technologies”, Gaëlla Delcour, Business Unit Manager Industry

Gaëlla Delcour, Business Unit Manager Industry

The industrial sector, responsible for 25-30% of global CO2 emissions, is at the heart of this transition. In a new report experts take a deep dive into the leading sectors in the green transition, highlighting drivers, investments, and the latest technologies, as well as the potential new risks for companies and decision makers to consider.

Gaëlla Delcour: “The shift to a green economy sparks a wave of innovation and shapes a path to a circular model where the emphasis on reusing and recycling revolutionizes our approach to resources.” 

The Urban Insight report covers 5 key recommendations:   

  1. For the industrial sector to become sustainable, it not only needs to reach net zero but become more resilient as well. 
  1. The knowledge needed to manage the complexity and goal conflicts is key in order to avoid good intentions leading to unintended consequences for people, the environment and societies. 
  1. Multi-stakeholder collaborations and new business models between suppliers and clients, industry and cross-industry colleagues and the wider industrial ecosystem of stakeholders are crucial to accelerating the green transition. 
  1. The competition is intense and transformative leadership is key. Countries and companies not transforming risk losing out. 
  1. Let the leading industrial sectors, new technologies and innovation in this report inspire you to turn the green transition from a vision into a reality.