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Best cycling policy celebrated

The city of Ghent has been awarded the title of Cycling City 2024 in the category of central cities by the Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde (VSV). In the medium-sized and small municipalities, Dilsen-Stokkem and Boechout respectively were chosen as laureates. As a reward for their excellent cycling policy, these local authorities will receive an additional subsidy of 50,000 euros.

Fietsgemeente Gent Coupure

© Stad Gent

The jury selected Ghent as Cycling City 2024 due to its impressive addition of new cycling bridges and tunnels. The city scores highly in all areas: infrastructure, safety, parking, accompanying measures, and collaboration. It is praised for its bicycle streets and safer intersections that avoid conflicts between cyclists and cars. Particularly, the 1.5 km long Coupure bicycle street with pleasant spots and grade-separated bicycle crossings receives praise.


Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters honored the three winners in the Flemish Parliament © VSV

“The cycling population in Ghent is growing annually,” the jury notes. “What Ghent has achieved and continues to accomplish every day is impressive. The city continues to set the standard for cycling norms and actively invests in cycling infrastructure. Not only in policy, but also in the streets, Ghent genuinely provides space for cyclists. This is essential to change the mobility system.”

Sweco is proud to contribute. Through our studies, we aim to significantly increase the comfort and safety of cyclists and pedestrians. In Ghent, our experts have studied, among other things, the underpass beneath the Rozemarijnbrug. We have also designed the bicycle and pedestrian tunnel under the railway at Dampoort and the bicycle passage under the Nieuwevaartbrug.

Underpass at Rozemarijnbrug

This bicycle underpass contributes to increased cycling safety by avoiding conflicts between cyclists and motorized traffic and the tram at the level of the Rozemarijnbrug. Bicycle traffic can simply cycle under the intersection via the underpass. This creates a continuous, conflict-free bicycle route along the Coupure from the Leie to the Nieuwe Wandeling.

fietsgemeente Gent Rozemarijnbrug

Bicycle tunnel diving under the railway

This project concerns the bicycle and pedestrian tunnel under railway line 58 at Dampoort. From now on, pedestrians and cyclists can pass smoothly and safely under the railway. Sweco was responsible for the concept of the pressed tunnel construction method, the development of the bicycle route with connection to the existing infrastructure, and the architectural integration of the whole. We also supervised the works on behalf of the city of Ghent.

fietsgemeente Gent Dampoort

Safe cycling around the Verbindingskanaal

The realization of the underpass beneath the Nieuwevaartbrug is the final piece of the redevelopment of the cycling infrastructure along the Gasmeterlaan and the Nieuwevaart. These cycle paths form an important link in the regional cycling route network between Wiedauwkaai and the N9. The underpass connects to separate two-way cycle paths that provide connections to Gasmeterlaan, Elyzeese Velden, and Palinghuizen.

fietsgemeente Gent Nieuwe Vaart brug

About the election

The election of Cycling Municipality/Cycling City is in its sixth edition since the initiative began in 2012. Last year, all Flemish cyclists were able to evaluate their favorite cycling municipality or city based on cycling safety and comfort. In total, more than 27,000 participants voted online. Out of the 300 Flemish cities and municipalities, 165 surpassed the threshold of at least 50 completed surveys, qualifying them to compete for the title of Cycling Municipality/Cycling City 2024.