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Sweco completes the acquisition of VK architects+engineers

The Share Purchase Agreement between engineering and architectural firm Sweco and sector partner VK architects+engineers has been formally approved by the Belgian Competition Authority.

From left to right: Dirk Slabbinck (CTO VK architects+engineers), Paul Corbeel (CEO VK architects+engineers), Karel Verhaeghe (CFO VK architects+engineers), Alain Bossaer (COO VK architects+engineers), Erwin Malcorps (Business Area President, Sweco Belgium), Alain Keppens (Founding Partner D2E Capital), Ivo Marechal (Founding Partner D2E Capital), Vicky De Bollen (Director Finance, Facility & Legal, Sweco Belgium), Peter Vanhoegaerden (Division Director Buildings, Sweco Belgium), Marc Van Put (M&A Integration Manager, Sweco Belgium), Regis De Preter (Investment Associate D2E Capital).

Sweco has completed its acquisition of VK architects+engineers today. This follows the approval of the agreement by the Belgian Competition Authority. With this acquisition, Sweco is strengthening its market leadership position in Belgium and Luxembourg and is primarily focusing on its ambition to become a full life cycle partner in the construction industry.

Together, we are accelerating the transformation of our society

Erwin Malcorps, Business Area President at Sweco Belgium, says: “Our mission Transforming Society Together has never been more relevant, bold and inspiring than today. We can only overcome the complex challenges of our time by combining our insights, expertise and disciplines. Within the construction industry, we want to contribute to a climate- and future-proof environment that puts health and wellbeing first. Sweco and VK have a stated ambition to lead the way in this regard. More specifically, to transcend the current role of an architectural and engineering firm in the phases of a construction process by becoming a full life cycle partner. To achieve this ambition, we are fully committed to forming a strong multidisciplinary team to successfully implement an integrated approach. Additionally, we accept our responsibility to put sustainability, digitalisation and innovation high on the agenda in every project. Our clients and partners also play an important role in this regard.”

“I concur,” says Paul Corbeel, CEO of VK architects+engineers. “A clear and strategic step-by-step plan is indeed in place. Sustainability, innovation and digitalisation are key pillars in this. The real catalysts of this change, of course, are our people. We have strong multidisciplinary teams of experts at both VK architects+engineers and Sweco. By combining their knowledge and focusing on the three pillars, we can do our part to contribute to a climate-neutral and future-proof environment. I am proud to report that both of us have already taken steps to move towards a full life cycle partnership with our clients.”

Sweco has grown into a leading international company of 20,000 experts, including more than 2,000 in the Business Area Belgium (Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Vietnam). The company has experts in diverse domains: from a wide range of engineering disciplines to consulting, participation, master planning, mobility and architecture, among others. Sweco has built an impressive portfolio within the Industry, Pharma, Energy, Environment, Urban Development, Infrastructure and Buildings market segments. Sweco continues to look for strategic partners to help realise its sustainable growth ambitions in order to make a significant contribution to Europe’s challenging climate targets and the realisation of the energy transition.

What is the scope of this agreement?

VK architects-engineers® is a multidisciplinary design firm with a consolidated turnover of around € 73 million (2022). Its approximately 600 architects and engineers work from offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

As previously announced, Sweco is also acquiring all the shares of the VK subsidiaries. They include design firm Infranea (3D design, BIM services and VR simulations), architectural and engineering firm DENC (logistics, industrial and commercial property) and engineering firm One Simulations (CFD simulations) in the Netherlands, as well as Belgian companies Van Looy Group (logistics projects) and Exilab (laboratories and cleanrooms). Betic Ingénieurs-Conseils (various construction projects) and EKOplan (technical engineering and water management) in Luxembourg and British-based AD Architects (hospitals & healthcare facilities) are also part of the transaction.

Photo: © piXeleni photography