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Sweco concludes an agreement with Futureproofed

Engineering firm Sweco acquires Futureproofed through a Share Purchase Agreement. This leading climate-tech start-up guides companies and cities towards a low-carbon future. By going together, we offer our clients added value in terms of digital solutions that scale up and accelerate the climate transition. 

From left to right: Maarten Van Hoorickx (CRO Futureproofed), Steven Van Praet (COO Futureproofed), Vicky De Bollen (Director Finance, Facility & Legal, Sweco Belgium), Erwin Malcorps (Managing Director, Sweco Belgium), Serge de Gheldere (CEO Futureproofed), Tom Van Den Noortgaete (Division Director Energy & Environment, Sweco Belgium).

Erwin Malcorps, Managing Director of Sweco Belgium, declares: “Sweco invests heavily in digital innovation. We strongly believe in the power of digitalisation to meet future challenges related to urbanisation and climate change. At the same time, we have noticed a growing demand for digital services, such as data processing, dashboards and monitoring tools, to complement design and engineering work. Bundling of our technical know-how with Futureproofed’s expertise is a logical step to shape the Transforming Society Together vision as a digital frontrunner. This way we work together to create a more inclusive, healthy and sustainable society.”

Futureproofed was founded in 1999 by the CEO Serge de Gheldere. In 2006, he became one of Al Gore’s first two European climate ambassadors. The team from Leuven comprises 18 passionate experts who enable cities and towns to develop and implement their climate strategy, while also benefiting themselves at the same time. Futureproofed is a pioneer in developing and marketing carbon management tools. More than 200 cities and companies work on Futureproofed’s SaaS platform (Software-as-a-Service) to measure, reduce and report CO2 emissions. Futureproofed carries out projects in Belgium, France, Sweden, Spain and many other countries.

Serge de Gheldere, CEO Futureproofed, attests: “To guarantee a safe future and ensure our prosperity, we must halve CO2 emissions every decade. That is why at Futureproofed we bring people together who share a common goal: to scale up and accelerate the climate transition. We believe that every city and every company have the potential to be a leader in the transition to a low-CO2 future, while also benefiting themselves at the same time. I am therefore very pleased that we can continue to build on this important work under the wings of Sweco. By joining forces, we enable companies and cities to develop and implement their climate strategy digitally. From A to Z. From plans to projects. Using our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) combined with Sweco’s deep engineering expertise, we offer a human approach to climate transition that can make a real difference.”

Photo: © Faye Pynaert