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Fireforum will be handing out awards to people and organisations on 16 November 2023 at the Fireforum Awards for their contributions to firefighting and fire safety. Our colleagues at FPC Risk part of Sweco have been nominated in the ‘BrandveiligheidSensibilisering en Preventie voor de Bevolking’ (Fire Safety – Public Awareness and Prevention) category with the project: fire safety self-assessment tool. 


The project has several key objectives: 

  • Sensitisation: The project contributes to profound awareness about fire safety in small-scale care facilities through an accessible self-assessment tool. 
  • Risk identification: The tool identifies fire safety issues during a tour of a care facility and offers concrete action points. 
  • Enhance engagement: The tool enhances the involvement and awareness of all stakeholders in the healthcare service. 

 Target group 

The self-assessment tool focuses on small-scale care facilities in sectors such as childcare, youth care and persons with disabilities. There are two user groups: facilities with employees and facilities that operate on an independent basis, e.g. day care centres. Besides that, the application can also be used in other care and related facilities. 

 Applicable in multiple sectors

This project and the methodology used can be reproduced and applied in other sectors, e.g. construction, medical, educational facilities and collective housing. 

This innovative project by FPC Risk part of Sweco illustrates the power of collaboration and innovation in raising fire safety sensitisation and awareness. Small-scale care facilities can improve fire safety and enhance the safety of their residents by using a practical self-assessment tool, in a cost-effective and accessible manner. 

This app was developed in collaboration with Zorg Vlaanderen & Gemsotec. 

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