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From grey to green: demineralization Brussels

Brussels Mobility, the regional mobility and infrastructure agency, is orchestrating a remarkable shift in the renewal of regional roads. Beyond mere pathways for vehicles, these roads are becoming corridors for a climate-adaptive and healthier city. Let’s explore how Brussels Mobility is leading the change in turning concrete jungles into green oases, focusing on biodiversity, water management, and overall quality of life.

Vision for tomorrow

Brussels Mobility is on a mission to demineralize and green the regional roads network, Today 40% of the Brussels Region is mineralized. This is more than just a promise of short-term fixes; it’s a commitment to nature and people, making a lasting impact on life quality for its inhabitants, biodiversity, soil and water quality.

Technical dance

Providing multidisciplinary technical support, Sweco’s experts ensures that sustainability is ingrained in the DNA of road design, from concept to implementation. Every square meter of the road is valorised as module  contributing to the city’s overall well-being, representing a incremental transformation of the entire city.

Nurturing green spaces

We actively embed ecological management plans in the street design plans , recognizing the vitality of green spaces. These management plans ensure that green spaces not only survive but thrive, offering tangible benefits to both the environment and the city’s residents. Our objective is to achieve a canopy cover of 30% on the regional roads, together with 15% for demineralizing and vegetalising of the regional roads.

Reimagining construction

In order to cope with the effects of climate change, such as heat island effects and increased intensity of stormwater, Brussels Mobility is redefining its practice of road reconstruction, prioritizing the preservation of trees, giving them more space and inserting healthy soils.  Simultaneously the re-use of materials is put central in the design phase, as a conscious approach towards zero waste, that safeguards the city’s delicate ecosystem, and lays the groundwork for a sustainable legacy that future generations can build upon.

With our experts we’re proud to stand alongside Brussels Mobility and its dedicated staff, and play a crucial role in supporting this transformative journey. From crafting visionary plans to providing technical expertise in road design and implementing ecological management initiatives, we are committed to building a greener and more sustainable Brussels for all.

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