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Greening of Zonhoven gaining momentum

The village heart of Zonhoven is putting water in the spotlight. After being out of sight for sixty years, the Roosterbeek stream is now visible again, meandering through a new open bed. Fish have been given their own VIP access: 18 fish ladders to help them swim upstream.

The Roosterbeek now flows in an open bed 4 meters wide and 180 meters long through the center. This makes the water visible and contributes to a cooling effect. Moreover, the storage of rainwater has positive consequences for biodiversity. In case of floods, the water should also be able to flow away more easily.

Water-resilient example project

On average, 150 liters of water per second will flow through the Roosterbeek in the center of Zonhoven. In exceptional circumstances, this can even increase to 3,100 liters per second. This project is part of the Blue Deal to combat climate change and fight water scarcity. With the Blue Deal, Flanders embarks on the path of less paving, more wetting, and maximum circular water use.

The redevelopment of the area between the town hall and the church is still in full swing, but the Roosterbeek is already on the move again. It is a wonderful example of how we can handle water sustainably and at the same time make the living environment more attractive.

Livable and green center

In 2022, the municipality of Zonhoven started an ambitious project: the greening of its village heart. Sweco, responsible for the master plan, was commissioned to also develop the detailed design. The goal? To create a town center that not only becomes greener but is also strengthened and revitalized. The central area around the town hall, the church, and the kiosk square will be completely transformed after this project.

The aim is to create a pleasant, green-blue environment where all residents can relax. This takes into account ecology, experience, and mobility. After this greening, Zonhoven will have one of the greenest village centers in Limburg.

The opening of the Roosterbeek will not only provide a new look but also serve as a driver for new developments in the center. In the coming years, Zonhoven aims for a high-quality village heart with opportunities for core reinforcement, as this is vital for the village’s livability.