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Interparking commits to electrification with Sweco’s expertise

Interparking is ambitiously driving towards the electrification of its parking facilities. By 2027, the goal is to equip 4400 of its parking spaces in Belgium with charging stations. Sweco is playing a key role in supporting Interparking’s vision by providing analytical and technical guidance throughout the realization of these comprehensive studies.

view of EV charging points on Brussels Airport, copyright Interparking, Sweco consultancy

Charging Ahead at Brussels Airport

This summer, travelers departing from Zaventem may notice something new as Brussels Airport will boast 700 additional EV charging points—500 for passengers and 200 dedicated to staff. These chargers cater to different needs: long-term parking for travelers, ranging from several days to weeks, and daily parking for staff. This distinction presented a unique challenge: long-term parking requires slower charging solutions.

This significant project stands out not only for its volume of charging points but also for the varying charging requirements it demands.

Sweco’s experts approached Interparking’s request with a thorough analysis. Understanding parking patterns and the existing electrical infrastructure enabled them to develop a technical design that optimally distributes power across numerous charging points. They also considered the eventual integration of a PV installation. The team selected an advanced smart charging system capable of meeting these demands and subsequently supported Interparking and Brussels Airport throughout the implementation process.

Besides the technical aspects, our experts supported Interparking in the search for an overall software platform. It allows Interparking to offer the charging services without intermediates. As a CPO (Charge Point Operator), Interparking autonomously manages the charging points, which can be used with all current charging passes, including the P-card.

Sweco didn’t stop at Charge Point Operator (CPO) services or operational management; we also examined Mobility Service Provider (MSP) services to enhance end-user convenience. Now, drivers can effortlessly charge their vehicles using their P+ card.

Zaventem EV charging points, copyright Interparking, Sweco consultancy

Antwerp-Central Station also embraces more charging facilities

Interparking’s commitment extends to the Antwerp-Central station, where 115 new charging spots were recently introduced. By 2030, the aim is to install a total of 350 charging points to accelerate the transition to green mobility solutions.

Sweco’s experts applied their proven approach once again: analyzing how to integrate additional charging points into the existing installation and the grid connection’s capacity, and examining charging behavior and needs. Smart charging solutions can thus limit both demand and grid connection requirements.

Through these initiatives, Sweco contributes to greening our mobility, impacting public transport and the multitude of vehicles on our roads.