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Modular building helps advance our social housing

Flanders urgently needs quality social housing. Modular building provides relief, with a building time that is up to three times faster. Sweco is part of the selected team CIT Blaton – Aché Terra – Prefabois for the framework agreement ‘Modulair Wonen’, which focuses on designing and realizing modular housing units.

This initiative contributes to the creation of a society in which quality, accessible, secure, and affordable housing is possible for all residents of Flanders. It represents a significant step towards a sustainable, inclusive, and resilient society.

A home for everyone

With the standardized housing modules, we aim to make a concrete difference for people eligible for social housing, emergency housing, or housing for the roofless or homeless. We do this in collaboration with contractor CIT Blaton, Aché Terra architects, Prefabois (wood construction), and Feys (safety).

The standard modules are manufactured in a workshop and assembled on site into a home. Sweco offers its extensive expertise for this purpose. We provide studies on stability, special techniques, acoustics, EPB (Energy Performance and Indoor Climate) and ventilation reporting, as well as landscape and environmental design and infrastructure.

JengaNest, a modular living concept with wooden structures that exudes homeliness and warmth
© CIT Blaton and Aché Terra architects

Higher gear for social housing

The ‘Modulair Wonen’ framework agreement runs until the end of 2027 and fits within the goals of Flanders to address the waiting lists for social housing, among others. Local authorities can thus have modular houses built significantly faster and within the set conditions. Housing companies, Flemish local authorities, and Living in Flanders can order specific assignments within the framework agreement through a mini-competition.