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New entrance pavilion gives UZ Gent a new face

A temporary entrance building gives UZ Gent a fresh face. With this new reception area, the hospital takes an important step in the master plan Project U, which includes a new main building centrally located on the campus. In a few years, this will provide space for a permanent reception area. In the meantime, the temporary entrance building already brings together the two separate reception areas and administrations. VK architects+engineers, part of Sweco, is assisting UZ Gent in this ambitious renewal of the university hospital campus.

VK architects+engineers, part of Sweco, designed and realized the temporary entrance pavilion to be demountable. The design and placement focus on optimal experience and efficiency. Its location near the visitor parking, bicycle parking, tram stop, and kiss-and-ride zone ensures smooth accessibility. The forecourt seamlessly connects to this main axis, so that patients and visitors can easily enter the building.

In the coming years, UZ Gent will welcome patients and visitors in an atmospheric space full of comfort and light. The experts have focused on smooth flow with a well-thought-out circulation concept: flows do not cross each other and always move forward. The colorful paving leads guests inside and takes them past registration kiosks, counters, and conversation spaces. The floor-to-ceiling windows with double height let in plenty of daylight and enhance orientation through the visual connection with the surrounding buildings. The red thread finally guides patients and visitors intuitively to the exit, from where they can smoothly continue to their destination.

The architecture of the pavilion is characterized by clean lines. The pure formal language of the entrance pavilion prominently displays the temporary character: the open structure shows an artistic composition with mobile units. Closed and open sections reflect more private or public functions. The building’s signal red color, in dialogue with the forecourt, instantly makes the area recognizable as the new reception of the university hospital campus.