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Reimagining the Makersdistrict in Bruges

The concept study for the Makersdistrict for the city of Bruges shows that an integrated approach is necessary when reimagining an industrial site. You need to bring together businesses, governments and local communities to make the new vision come to live and realistic to put into action. 

Creating a multifunctional hub

The Kaaidistrict in Bruges holds immense potential as a strategic link between the city center and the harbor. Currently, it is an underutilized area with limited economic activity. However, the city has taken charge to transform it into a thriving neighborhood where living and working intertwine. This vision also involves creating a ‘City Quarter of the Future’ that embraces the district’s unique waterfront identity. 

To ensure the success of this initiative, the city has actively involved key stakeholders in shaping the vision for the Kaaidistrict. Workshops and research have allowed for meaningful conversations and exploration of ideas. The result is a comprehensive plan that envisions innovative zones, including an urban retail cluster, a food hub that supports local production and supplies the city, and the Makersdistrict as a hub for urban manufacturing. 

The revival of the manufacturing industry

The Makersdistrict is at the heart of this transformation: a pioneering project that integrates various types of makers and manufacturing activities. The goal is to stimulate creativity and circular economy principles that strengthens the connection between the city and production. This forward-thinking approach aims to create a vibrant neighborhood with a strong sense of identity and community, making sure manufacturing becomes again a core part of Bruges’ city life. 

Collaboration is key

The project highlights the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors. By working together, we can successfully navigate the transformation of the district. This cooperative effort ensures that the local community is at the heart of the development, leading to a sustainable and resilient neighborhood that benefits everyone. 

With this study, we have established a framework to guide the transformation towards a Makersdistrict. This framework provides the necessary tools for the city of Bruges to engage in discussions with project developers and landowners and gain a better understanding of the spatial, financial, and legal requirements. 

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