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Roadshow R0-North provides a clear view of the redevelopment of the Ring

The renovation of the Ring around Brussels is getting closer. Together with De Werkvennootschap, Sweco, within the MoVeR0 consortium, is working on a smoother, safer Ring and a more livable environment. In a first phase, the zone in Machelen, Zaventem, and Kraainem will be addressed. These plans have now been presented to the local residents.

The environmental permit has been applied for. At the end of August 2024, the public inquiry will follow, where the detailed plans can be viewed. That is why we, together with the communication agency Billie Bonkers, organized a unique roadshow in the municipalities involved to explain the concrete plans.

Roadshow with virtual reality

Visitors could explore the future Ring interactively, guided by various experts. The highway was reconstructed in a virtual world, and the plans were converted into an interactive digital model. A before and after button showed the difference between the current and future situation. Passersby and visitors could put on a VR headset, view the ring from the air, and “descend” to different locations where they will soon be able to cycle or walk. This allows residents to experience the future Ring and the redesigned environment in a lifelike manner. This is the next step in clearly translating often complex topics.

Roadshow R0-Noord geeft klare kijk op herinrichting Ring

© De Werkvennootschap

Much more than an infrastructure project

The need for a societal transition is more urgent than ever in terms of mobility, space, climate, and energy. The Flemish government wants to ensure smoother and safer traffic around Brussels through the redevelopment of the Ring and adjacent infrastructure. In addition, so-called “flanking” infrastructure is also provided, such as tram lines and bicycle bridges, which will improve the connection between the Brussels outskirts and the capital. The project is an important step towards the 50-50 modal shift objective of the Flemish Region.

De Werkvennootschap has several projects running alongside the R0-North project. Within the project, a significant investment is made in the necessary ecological connections: an important forest corridor is provided next to the inner ring, along with numerous ecological connections to connect all green areas into one large landscape park. In addition, a new 7 km bicycle ring is being constructed along the entire length of the Ring. Public transportation is also being facilitated to the maximum extent.

Roadshow R0-Noord geeft klare kijk op herinrichting Ring

© De Werkvennootschap

With combined efforts

Sweco and Arcadis, within the MoVeR0 consortium, are working together with De Werkvennootschap on the redevelopment of the Ring around Brussels, between the Groot-Bijgaarden and Sint-Stevens-Woluwe junctions. The project team is responsible for traffic studies, technical and architectural designs (roads, structures, and other infrastructure), the landscape integration of the project, process guidance, preparation of permit and tender documents, and support for stakeholder management and communication. The following parties are subcontractors: ZJA, Frank Van Hulle, Cluster, and Mint.