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State of Your Street: The Digital Tool for Climate Adaptation

Sweco has developed a labelling system called State of Your Street to help decision-makers and citizens measure climate change impacts and adapt to the new climate.

How does it work?

The State of Your Street tool labels each street in a city from A to E with regard to heat stress, rainfall flooding, drought, and river or coastal flooding. This labelling system provides citizens with a quick insight into how their street is doing in terms of climate robustness, while decision-makers get overview maps with labels indicating high-risk areas that might require climate actions.

Clear targets

The labelling system offers a framework for decision-makers to set specific climate adaptation targets that can be customized to meet local needs. This system helps stakeholders monitor progress towards these goals. Several Dutch municipalities have already used it to set and track adaptation targets, and its potential applicability in other countries is increasing as global climate data sources become more available, accurate, and comprehensive.

The future of climate adaptation

State of Your Street is just the beginning of digital tools for climate adaptation. We expect data accuracy to continue to increase thanks to improved data availability and the use of AI to obtain information on our built environment. In addition, our experts see further development in the creation of digital twins, which can be combined with the label criteria. New AI-based tools will make it possible to interpret our environment, identifying the location of doors, underground carparks, and types of vegetation present in a street to assess the impacts of flooding, drought, and heat stress.

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