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Syngas project: powering the green transition

The urgent race towards a sustainable and resilient industrial sector has taken an big leap forward with the development of an innovative Energy Recovery Plant (ERP). This facility is set to harness the power of syngas, a byproduct from Imerys Graphite & Carbon (IGC), transforming it into a vital energy source for a new electricity generation plant. 

A leap into sustainable energy

E.ON Power Plants Belgium is at the forefront of this eco-friendly initiative, utilizing syngas to fuel an electricity plant capable of generating up to 29 MW. This power not only services the Imerys site but will also provide electricity to approximately 40,000 households in the region throughout the year. The planned flue gas treatment promises to drastically cut emissions, making a significant step forward in air quality improvement. 

Sweco’s involvement in the concept and detailed engineering reflects its commitment to support the energy transition towards greener alternatives. Despite tight deadlines for a 2025 completion, our multi-disciplinary approach, the integration of sustainability in all designs and ‘Fit for Use’ methodology drive the project forward. This venture is built on a foundation of collaboration and sustainability expertise. 

Impactful environmental benefits

The electricity produced by the ERP will prevent over 25,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually compared to conventional power generation. Additionally, the project will contribute to cleaner local air emissions by reducing sulfur and nitrogen outputs through advanced flue gas treatments. 

Both E.ON and Imerys are committed to sustainability, contributing to the global shift towards cleaner energy solutions. This ERP exemplifies how innovative engineering and strategic partnerships can create a more resilient and green industrial landscape. 

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