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The UNITY project: a milestone for zero-waste industry 

The UNITY project marks a major leap forward in sustainable production. Located in Sas van Gent, the Netherlands, this innovative facility by ENOUGH is pioneering the movement toward zero-waste in the industrial sector. With a focus on mycoprotein—a high-quality, meat substitute—the project stands as a testament to what is possible when environmental responsibility is placed at the core of industrial innovation. 

Innovative infrastructure

The facility is an example of modern engineering, featuring comprehensive systems including office buildings, a tank farm, and advanced production technology. This greenfield production plant is designed to operate without creating waste, embodying the principles of a circular economy. ENOUGH receives its raw materials from the adjacent Cargill factory. The location and collaboration ensure an efficient supply and support the zero-waste benefits. 

Experience the transformation

The collaboration between ENOUGH and various industry experts has been instrumental in realizing the project. The technical process and construction management expertise have been crucial in ensuring that the project not only achieves but also sets new standards for sustainability. 

The UNITY project can inspire industries everywhere to consider the environmental impact of production.  

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