Remuneration to senior executives

A prerequisite for a successful implementation of Sweco’s business strategy and safeguarding of its long-term interests, including its sustainability, is that Sweco is able to recruit and retain qualified personnel. To this end, it is necessary that Sweco offers competitive remuneration. The Sweco Group’s aim is to offer a competitive and market-based level of remuneration to recruit and retain its qualified senior executives. Senior executives include the President & CEO, the CFO and all managers who report directly to the President & CEO and is a member of the executive team.

Guidelines for remuneration to senior executives are adopted by the general meeting. Remuneration covered by the guidelines comprises of the following components:

  • Base salary (fixed cash salary);
  • Short term incentive; and
  • Pension and other benefits.

The latest adopted guidelines for salary and other remuneration to senior executives within the Sweco group can be found here.

Additionally, the general meeting may – irrespective of the abovementioned guidelines – resolve on, among other things, share-related incentive plans. Further information regarding Sweco’s ongoing share-related incentive plans to senior executives can be found here

Remuneration and other benefits expensed in 2019 for CEO and other senior executive can be found in Note 6 on pages 65 in Sweco’s Annual Report for the financial year 2019.