Dual learning is flourishing at Sweco


Dual learning is flourishing at Sweco

25 March 2019
Third-year students of the Hogeschool Ghent learn the tricks of the (technical) trade at Sweco’s work floor. This unique programme of dual learning, or workplace learning, focuses specifically on students of electromechanics and climate control.

The project that Sweco and HoGent are implementing together is fairly ground-breaking. Our concept of dual learning has previously been successfully implemented. This is a first, because until recently there was no such option available at university level. Within Sweco the Industry division, together with HoGent, is putting its full support behind this innovative training project. Dual learning offers significant advantages for the students involved. They gain relevant experience directly and they are introduced to a potential employer. Sweco is happy to put its expertise at the disposal of these young talents.

The dual learning formula was first introduced at Sweco in the previous academic year. We have elaborated a piping project together with Wim De Schrijver of HoGent, who is the training chairman of the department of electromechanics/climate control and automation. Two students have so far successfully completed the course. This academic year another two students will be participating in the piping project. In addition, we have developed a new training course, specifically aimed at climate control. Sweco will therefore welcome four students this academic year who are following this alternative learning path in the Industry division. Under the guidance of their mentors, they work four days a week from the Sweco office in Zelzate, in combination with their education at the university.

Sweco will continue to make full use of its pioneering role in terms of training & development in the coming years. Would you like to help shape the cities and communities of tomorrow? Then have a look at http://jobs.swecobelgium.be to see the wide range of vacancies and trainee positions available.