Sweco and BUUR design bus lane route for the Gasthuisberg campus


Sweco and BUUR design bus lane route for the Gasthuisberg campus

16 September 2019
Sweco and BUUR are working together on the separate bus lane on the Gasthuisberg hospital campus. This has been commissioned by the UZ Leuven. As a subcontractor of Sweco, BUUR is responsible for the preliminary design. Sweco is providing the technical translation to an implementation-ready design. The supervision of the works is also part of the assignment.

The Gasthuisberg campus will be developed as an important multimodal transport hub in the Leuven city region. A new bus route ensures a fast connection between Gasthuisberg, the Imec research centre, the Arenberg science park and Leuven station. Along the southern ring road of the campus there will be a separate bus lane, two short bus stop lanes, a new cycle path and a large bicycle parking facility. 80 buses per hour will serve the campus during rush hour.

Erwin Malcorps, Managing Director Sweco Belgium: Sweco is involved in various large-scale infrastructure projects wherein the focus is on sustainable mobility interventions, such as the Oosterweel connection, the Brussels Ring, Metro North (M3), the Seine-Scheldt project and the development of the Paris metro network. The concretisation of this assignment (final phase and final piece of the complete redevelopment of the ring road around the Gasthuisberg campus) with a focus on high-quality public transport, in our opinion, makes it a perfect fit. We’re pleased to bring in our experts and traffic engineers in order to make the frequently visited sites in the Leuven region more easily accessible by public transport. In this way we’re contributing to the necessary modal shift to a smart, modern mobility mix.”

Johan Van Reeth, managing director of BUUR: “With the new Ring Route+ along Gasthuisberg and Imec, the ‘Regionet’ project, initiated by BUUR, is being launched. It should initiate a modal shift in the wider Leuven region: a doubling of journeys by bicycle and public transport, and a 20% reduction in car journeys. This will safeguard the quality of life and accessibility of the Gasthuisberg campus and, by extension, the entire city region in the future. It also means a major step towards a climate neutral Leuven."

Work on this transport hub will start in 2020 and will be completed by 2023.

Picture: southern bus stop for Gasthuisberg campus © BUUR