Sweco helps seek solutions for the climate adaptation tool


Sweco helps seek solutions for the climate adaptation tool

26 September 2019
Commissioned by the Flanders Environment Agency (FEM), Sweco has carried out the preliminary study for the realization of a climate adaptation tool. The tool is a next step in the development of the Flanders Climate Portal.

All Flemish municipalities currently face the challenge of giving climate adaptation a prominent position in their policy plans and taking timely measures. The FEM is supporting the Flemish municipalities with this and has already developed the Climate Portal: https://klimaat.vmm.be. They can then seek information on the expected climate change and associated impact in their municipality.

The FEM wants to make a climate adaptation tool available to municipalities in the near future. This will give each municipality an understanding of the possible measures for coping with the adverse effects of climate change and provide an indication of the effectiveness, as well as the costs and benefits of each action.

To this end, Sweco carried out the assessment and literature study of existing tools at home and abroad. We also conducted interviews with Belgian, Dutch and also international knowledge institutions and engineering firms. In this way we are committing ourselves to climate-adaptive living environments where it is pleasant for the residents to stay.

More info
Flanders Climate Portal: https://klimaat.vmm.be

Illustration: roadmap three levels