Sweco wins prestigious mobility prizes: Fleet Owner of the Year and Safety Award


Sweco wins prestigious mobility prizes: Fleet Owner of the Year and Safety Award

21 June 2019
With its innovative mobility policy, Sweco scores very highly with the specialists from the fleet sector. During the link2fleet awards, Vicky De Bollen, Finance, Facility & Legal Director at Sweco Belgium, took the coveted title of Fleet Owner of the Year 2019 and achieved 1st place in the Safety category. This is a clear recognition for the groundbreaking work on sustainable mobility for and by our employees.

On the 20th of June, the 23rd edition of the link2fleet awards took place in palace 10 of Brussels Expo. These prizes pay tribute to the best practices from the Belgian fleet and mobility sector. Out of all the dossiers submitted, 10 fleet managers were finally invited to come and defend their fleet management before a professional jury of experts.

Vicky De Bollen passionately defended Sweco. Her strong presentation about the innovative mobility policy for Sweco’s own employees visibly appealed to the jury members. And so we won the title of Fleet Owner of the Year and the Safety Award, major awards for all mobility initiatives that Sweco has initiated!

The greening of mobility, the use of progressive tools and the maximum electrification of the vehicle fleet are therefore special achievements. The pillars of Sweco's Mobility Policy are discussed in this animation video.

Our strengths according to the jury:

Fleet Owner of the Year

  • 360-degree long-term vision based on flexibility and sustainability
  • Fair balance between ecology and economy
  • Creativity, innovation, employee satisfaction

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Safety Award

  • Fairly low accident statistics
  • Specific safety training
  • Raising awareness about behaviour in traffic, for both cyclists and motorists

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Step by step towards greener mobility
At Sweco the promotion and facilitation of sustainable mobility is done according to a cascade principle. In the first instance we try to limit the number of journeys. For this we use teleworking in combination with efficient cloud services and for example, we consult via Skype. If there’s a need for travel, then the employees have a wide range of alternative ways of transport that they may use to suit their needs. In certain cases, the car is the most appropriate choice, but owing to the wide range of alternatives, employees become less auto-dependent. By the way, we also foresee a gradual switch to electric cars.

Swiss army knife for all mobility needs
The Sweco offices are located as accessibly as possible, close to multimodal hubs and train stations. Furthermore employees are equipped with a ready-to-use toolbox for flexible measures. In addition to well-known initiatives, such as shared and pool bicycles, bicycle leasing, Cambio, carpool and free public transport, Sweco also provides innovative solutions wherein 'Mobility-as-a-Service' (MaaS) is the guiding principle. For example, we use Artemis’s Olympus app to make the alternatives highly accessible and attractive. Tickets for public transport and shared bikes and cars are just a click of the fingers away.

Maximum use of electric cars
The journeys that are still made by car because of the route or other preconditions, make Sweco as sustainable as possible. This includes the quick switch to a fleet with only electric and petrol driven cars. We offer a fully-fledged electric alternative in every company car category. Thanks to an e-car roadshow with test drives, we smooth the path for electric driving and provide guidance to the employees who make the switch. In the long term, the fleet will consist solely of electric models.

About link2fleet
link2fleet is a publishing company active in the B2B sector of automotive, fleet management and mobility. The election of the Fleet Owner of the Year highlights the fleet manager's profession. The award honours the person who uses efficient and/or innovative fleet management with a personal approach within his/her company in Belgium, taking into account the cost aspects and meeting the needs of the fleet drivers.

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