Harelbeke weir-lock complex wins public award at Publica Awards


Harelbeke weir-lock complex wins public award at Publica Awards

5 June 2020
EBP’s Publica Awards reward the best public projects. The recently opened weir-lock complex in Harelbeke has already won the public award in the category Urban Development, Infrastructure & Mobility via an online voting round. Sweco participated in the preliminary phase for this new lock. ‘De Vlaamse Waterweg nv’ was the client.

Our assignment consisted of drawing up a Design & Build specification, including a selection and award guide, drawing up the contractual provisions as well as the technical output specifications and legal guidance during the contracting phase.

The new lock in Harelbeke on the Leie enables smooth passage for vessels up to 4,500 tonnes. The existing lock was too small for these larger vessels and was replaced by one that is 230 metres long. These works are part of the Seine Scheldt Flanders inland navigation project. Flanders and Belgium are an important link in the European water transport network. The Leie is part of the connection between the Seine and the Scheldt and is made more navigable.

In this context, Sweco is also studying the integral design for the future of the Bossuit-Kortrijk canal. With the upgrading of that canal, a fully-fledged class Va connection will be realised between the Leie and the Upper Scheldt. Furthermore, Sweco is involved in the studies for the new Seine-Northern Europe canal. This is part of the European initiative to connect Belgium and France with each other and the rest of Europe via a network capable of handling larger freight transports with inland navigation vessels, loaded with bulk or containers.

About the Publica Awards
With the presentation of the Publica Awards on September 17, the publishing platform for public contracts, EBP, aims to reward and spotlight commendable public sector projects, award prizes to public actors and underline the diversity and richness of their projects.

Publica Awards: https://publica-brussels.com
Lock Harelbeke: www.seineschelde.be/locatie/harelbeke