Scheldt Quays and Schaliken are the big winners of the Public Space Prize


Scheldt Quays and Schaliken are the big winners of the Public Space Prize

9 June 2020
Scheldt Quays Sint-Andries en Zuid (Sweco in collaboration with PROAP and WIT Architects) has won the Public Space Prize and Schaliken Inner Area (Talboom in collaboration with BRUT and LAMA) has won the public prize.

We have designed sustainable public spaces that we are very proud of, which also represent considerable added value for the surrounding neighbourhoods in Antwerp and Herentals respectively. Every year, the Infopoint Public Space presents an award to the 'best' public space in Belgium. The Public Space Prize is a recognition for good commissioning and for a high-quality design and execution of the project.

Park along the stream
At Sint-Andries en Zuid you can experience the mighty Scheldt up close along the redeveloped Scheldt Quays. Sweco was responsible for the detailing of the design, the technical feasibility, the design of the underground washing station, coordination with the water barrier and integral site monitoring. The former large car park at the quayside has now made way for an integrated dyke elevation (up to 9.25 TAW Sigma height) with a diverse layout of the public domain. The 1 km long central path, which often runs at the top of the dyke, meanders over the Scheldt Quays and connects various functions to each other.

Photo: © Stad Antwerpen

Historic meeting place
Our new colleagues from Talboom took care of the design study for the redevelopment of the strategically located Schaliken inner area, which connects with the Grote Markt of Herentals. The redevelopment meets several challenges of the 21st century: softening, strategic connections for light traffic, sustainable water management, child-friendly design and a qualitative use of temporary spaces. The history of the place has also been brought back to the foreground in a contemporary fashion at the same time.

Photo: © LAMA

About the organisation
The Congress and Forum Public Space is the annual highlight for everything related to public spaces in Flanders and Brussels. The congress is for everyone involved in policy, planning, design, layout and management of public spaces. The presentation of the annual Public Space Prize is traditionally the climax of the congress. The Public Space project call invariably attracts dozens of entries from which an independent professional jury nominates five projects from which the winner is selected.

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