The engineers, architects and consultants from Sweco Belgium ensure that the buildings of our customers are pleasant to live, work and stay in. For this, we combine our recognised expertise with regard to design and study of structures and techniques, architecture, project management and various consultancy services with a good dose of innovation and sustainability. From the start of each project we combine pragmatic solutions with creativity and we convert the needs of our customers into integrated solutions.

  • Multidisciplinary projects
  • High-end projects
  • Architecture
  • Project Management
  • HVAC & Sanitary facilities
  • Electrical equipments
  • Structural design
  • BIM & Asset Information Management
  • Life cycle & sustainability
  • Process Management

HVAC & Sanitary facilities

The indoor climate of a building is crucial for comfort, health and safety. In today’s complex construction projects, the approach chosen in construction techniques often has a significant impact. Our solutions in the area of smoke and heat removal, ventilation, heating and cooling (HVAC) and sanitary facilities are always tuned to the specific situation and needs of the customer.

Our fire safety, sanitary and HVAC experts have broad experience in all types of buildings. Think of offices, residential buildings, hospitals, retail and logistics centres. But we’re also very happy to take on extremely specific challenges – such as parking complexes and nuclear applications. It is our aim to always provide the most energy efficient and climate-smart answers.