Campus H safety site

The Campus H new-build site in Hasselt will house the fire service, the security service and the 112 services. Sweco Belgium’s responsibilities include the stability studies, techniques and outside layout as well as control on the implementation of the work and coordination thereof.


Location: Hasselt

Period: 2015 – 2018

Client: stad Hasselt

Hasselt's safety services are being centralized in a new administrative and logistics complex. The fire service, the security service and the 112 services are all being given a new place. At a later stage, the local police will also have offices here. The site was named Campus H: this name referring to the comprehensive 'Emergency Services (Hulpdiensten)' that are coming together here. The prison will also be part of the campus.

The site includes a six-storey administrative main building with underground parking space, business restaurant, offices and relaxation areas. The buildings are designed symbiotically with light and space, combined with optimal functionality and comfort. For example, the firemen can slide down to the ground floor in steps from the fourth floor using firemen’s poles.

Campus H is ideally located, allowing emergency services to be rapidly on-site. Furthermore, the fire service and police are able to use each other’s facilities. In crisis situations, for example, when a crisis centre has to be set up, that can mean a significant difference to local safety. In addition to communication and consultation, combining these services also facilitates the logistics organization and management of the service vehicles. Visitors too, have better accessibility and ample parking space, a low-threshold site with a view to accessibility for wheelchair users and privacy. On top of that, Campus H becomes a functional, contemporary base, where all safety branches aim for a smarter service that responds to today's and tomorrow's safety needs.