De Bijloke Music Centre

As a former military hospital, De Bijloke Music Centre is internationally acclaimed as a reconversion example of a historical monument.


Location: Ghent

Period: 2017 - 2020

Surface area: 4,500 m2

Client: Muziekcentrum Bijloke vzw

Services: project and cost management

Partners: DRDH Architects - Julian Harrap Architects, ABT, RCR

Nevertheless, an architectural competition was launched in 2016 in order to thoroughly renovate the Music Centre and thus offer a solution to various problems that hampered its operation: acoustics, fire safety, access and logistics. In addition, the refurbishment of the concert hall was considered essential in order to continue to guarantee music performances and the concert experience of the public according to international standards.

Our task, as project director and construction manager, concerns the follow-up of the construction project in all aspects: active support of the client, follow-up and control of the studies by the appointed design team, planning and risk management, monitoring of the budget.

As construction manager, we managed the practical and day-to-day execution of the works.

Photos: © Karim Borghouts