Construction of a building with 32 apartments: 21 passive apartments and 10 zero-energy apartments.


Location: Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Clients: Citydev, The Brussels-Capital Regional Development Company (BCRDC)

Period: 2007 - 2018

Area: 4,830 m²

Services: Technical equipment, EPB reporting

Partners: Atlante Architecture, Kairos, Establis, Venac

The project is 100% passive and achieves the zero-energy standard for 32% of the apartments thanks to the cogeneration and use of (photovoltaic) green energy.

The cogeneration makes it possible to meet 100% of the demand for electricity in the communal parts, including any communal washhouse. Photovoltaic panels (150 m²) are being installed with a view to achieving the zero-energy standard for 32% of the apartments.

The rainwater is absorbed, collected and stored, and serves to spray the gardens, the maintenance of the communal areas and any communal washhouse.

Roofs with storage (> 33 l / m²) are installed to limit the leakage rate in the event of a thunderstorm. The wastewater from the bathrooms and showers is collected, treated and stored to ensure the complete supply of the apartments’ toilet flushing devices. Systems that limit consumption are installed (flushing devices, taps, shower heads with limited volume).

Design of technical equipment and monitoring of work: HVAC, electricity, sanitary installations, lifts.