The way we deal with energy is crucial for the environment, the climate and the economy. Sweco Belgium’s energy experts work across the entire energy supply chain. We focus on how energy is produced, distributed and consumed as efficiently as possible. The result is a reliable, cost-effective and renewable energy supply.

  • Energy consulting
  • Energy in industry
  • Energy Policy
  • Wind energy
  • Deep geothermal energy
  • Power plants
  • Utility pipelines and energy transport
  • District heating
  • Technical Due Diligence / Lender Technical Advice

Technical Due Diligence / Lender Technical Advice

As part of the financing of energy projects, banks and other financiers take their decisions on the basis of a comprehensive technical due diligence. The availability fees that the client will pay to the contractor are crucial for the repayment of the financing that was raised by the project company, e.g. a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) or SPC (Specific Project Company). Sweco is involved in many small and large due diligence projects. Thanks to its multidisciplinary team of technical and financial experts, Sweco acts as technical advisor during the different stages of the project.

Each prospective financier wants a thorough technical screening of the project in advance. These are the key activities that arise:

  • analysing and evaluating the technical descriptions, for example in terms of the installations, building regulations, environment, utilities, etc.
  • attending meetings with technical project teams and site visits
  • analysing and evaluating the various underlying contracts (O&M contracts)
  • assessing and weighing various risks in the various design stages and operation periods
  • evaluating budgets and planning
  • sanity check or high level technical due diligence



  • Tom
    Van Den Noortgaete
    Division Director Energy & Business Development Manager