Denderland Energy Landscape

The Denderland Energy Landscape focuses on the optimal development of additional large-scale renewable energy installations by conducting an area-oriented and participatory process. Sweco worked with BUUR and Common Ground on the vision to spatially transform the energy transition in the Denderland region.


Client: Province of East Flanders

Period: 2016 - 2017

Partners: BUUR, Common Ground

Phases: policy, roadmap, visualisation

Solar, wind, water and biomass are the renewable energy sources that are key, but also being investigated is how these relate to each other and how they can be spatially linked, with a view to energy cascading, storage and transport. The uniqueness and identity of the landscape form the basis for the energy landscape. Drawing up a supported spatial vision for an energy landscape in Denderland, with 2050 as the horizon.

Execution of the assignment

  • The spatial vision: we have drawn up potential and restriction maps per renewable energy source and developed a number of spatial concepts.
  • Design research: in order to investigate how large-scale renewable energy extraction (wind, solar, biomass and water) can provide the Denderland with renewable energy and at the same time help shape the landscape. We looked at the entire energy chain: from generation, through distribution and storage to consumption.

  • Spatial policy: at the same time, we examined how it can contribute to the energy transition and conversely, what opportunities the switch to renewable energy offers for our spatial ambitions.

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