Scenario study fossil-free district of Muide Meulestede

Sweco carried out a study for the City of Ghent to provide the buildings in the Muide Meulestede district with energy without using fossil fuels by 2050.


Client: City of Ghent

Location: Muide Meulestede, Ghent

Partner: BUUR

Period : 2018 - 2019

Phases: data-analysis, data visualisation, scenario-analysis, preparation of a roadmap

As a result of this analysis, we define a number of strategic objectives. Essential when doing this is the spatial and specific elaboration of the scenarios. The choice of certain objectives must be linked to the spatial location of current and future homes. In addition, a number of specific projects are being developed that should provide the impetus for the elaboration of a selected feasible scenario.

The following issues were elaborated by Sweco in this project:

  • Analysis of the data available on the current energy consumption and related characteristics of the district. We derive indicators from this data in order to monitor the progress of the fossil-free district.

  • We visually present the available data in order to better understand the differences between zones in the district.

  • We define a number of possible scenarios and look at the effect of these scenarios on a number of predefined KPIs, such as costs and total CO2 emissions.

  • We examine which detailed scenario best suits which part of the neighbourhood to arrive at a mixed scenario. We also advise the city to adopt policy measures to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

Photos: © Tom D'haenens