Environmental Consulting

Sweco Belgium offers governments and businesses future-oriented solutions for environmental issues. We use our know-how and instruments for inter alia, the industry sector, infrastructure works and for area development. We have extensive experience in projects where the maximum reduction and control of environmental impact are paramount. Our consultants provide tailor-made solutions from the often complex and ever evolving environmental regulations. Moreover, Sweco is able to respond quickly to new developments thanks to its international organization and cross-border knowledge platforms. Our environmental and soil specialists, recognized experts in environmental impact assessment, and experts from other disciplines proactively discuss any development process with you.

  • Soil survey and remediation
  • Sustainability advice and reports
  • Environmental advice
  • Environmental coordination
  • Environment impact assessment
  • Integrated environmental permit / complex projects
  • Demolition and asbestos inventory

Soil survey and remediation

The soil always plays an important role in infrastructure projects, nature and landscape developments, urban renewal, and the reorganisation of industrial sites. Sweco Belgium’s specialists possess all the knowledge and experience required to implement legal requirements and propose sustainable solutions.

We provide advisory recommendations for projects in the three Belgian regions: Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. Our specialists follow a detailed quality system, and are members of the Association of Certified Soil Remediation Specialists (Vereniging van Erkende Bodemsaneringsdeskundigen - VEB). They also possess the 'Safety for Operational Management’ VCA certification. Sweco has its own fieldwork team, and is recognised by VLAREL for sampling asbestos in soil and dredged spoils and slurry according to the ISO 17025 quality system.

Our specialists focus on finding the best way to deal with the identified contamination in the soil, so we start out with a thorough risk analysis in the event of historical soil contamination. If remediation is inevitable, we follow a cost-effective and risk-based approach in the preparation of the soil project and environmental supervision of the soil remediation work.

Sweco provides the following services:

  • Earthworks technical reports for construction and infrastructure projects
  • Preliminary and descriptive soil survey/exploratory soil survey, detailed soil survey and risk assessment
  • Soil remediation projects/risk management and remediation proposals
  • Monitoring of disasters (available 24/7)
  • Environmental supervision of soil remediation work
  • Waterbed research, dredged spoils and slurry
  • Infiltration research
  • Asbestos investigation in soil
  • Groundwater modelling
  • Technical and legal advice during soil contamination
  • Sampling

  • Werner
    Team Manager Gestion du Sol & Strategic soil management
  • Jan
    De Kinderen
    Team Manager Soil & Environment
  • Annelies
    Coordinator Environmental Impact Assessment