Environmental Consulting

Sweco Belgium offers governments and businesses future-oriented solutions for environmental issues. We use our know-how and instruments for inter alia, the industry sector, infrastructure works and for area development. We have extensive experience in projects where the maximum reduction and control of environmental impact are paramount. Our consultants provide tailor-made solutions from the often complex and ever evolving environmental regulations. Moreover, Sweco is able to respond quickly to new developments thanks to its international organization and cross-border knowledge platforms. Our environmental and soil specialists, recognized experts in environmental impact assessment, and experts from other disciplines proactively discuss any development process with you.

  • Soil survey and remediation
  • Sustainability advice and reports
  • Environmental advice
  • Environmental coordination
  • Environment impact assessment
  • Integrated environmental permit / complex projects
  • Demolition and asbestos inventory

Demolition and asbestos inventory

Asbestos inventory
Every employer is required by law to draw up an asbestos inventory of its property. This allows employees and external parties to be informed about any materials containing asbestos in company buildings. Sweco Belgium has extensive experience in drawing up asbestos inventories through visual and destructive asbestos research, drawing up management plans, and supervising and coordinating asbestos removal projects. In preparing asbestos inventories, the entry into operation of Tracimat in 2017 is already being taken into account, where the asbestos will be listed with the Tracimat coding. 

Demolition inventory
The materials decree requires the holder of planning permission to draw up an inventory of demolition waste prior to demolition or dismantling of certain buildings. This requirement applies to buildings which are wholly or partially non-residential, and have a construction volume of more than 1,000 m³. An important distinction is made between non-hazardous waste, and hazardous waste such as asbestos. In practice, the asbestos inventory is an essential element of the demolition inventory. Sweco can assist you in drawing up such demolition inventories, and provide subsequent assistance in preparing demolition specifications and supervising demolition. Often, it is only discovered after the intention to demolish that there is no asbestos inventory available, so asbestos and demolition inventories are often drawn up simultaneously.

Tracimat, the demolition management organisation, will become operational in 2017. Tracimat aims to trace the origin of the demolition waste until the treatment plant in selective demolition processes. The tracing starts with the preparation of a demolition monitoring plan by a neutral specialist (independent of the demolition firm) before the work begins. Sweco is currently undergoing training as Tracimat specialist, and when the new system enters into force Sweco will be able to be certified on the additional terms of reference and risk coverage.


  • Werner
    Team Manager Gestion du Sol & Strategic soil management
  • Jan
    De Kinderen
    Team Manager Soil & Environment
  • Annelies
    Coordinator Environmental Impact Assessment