Environmental Consulting

Sweco Belgium offers governments and businesses future-oriented solutions for environmental issues. We use our know-how and instruments for inter alia, the industry sector, infrastructure works and for area development. We have extensive experience in projects where the maximum reduction and control of environmental impact are paramount. Our consultants provide tailor-made solutions from the often complex and ever evolving environmental regulations. Moreover, Sweco is able to respond quickly to new developments thanks to its international organization and cross-border knowledge platforms. Our environmental and soil specialists, recognized experts in environmental impact assessment, and experts from other disciplines proactively discuss any development process with you.

  • Soil survey and remediation
  • Sustainability advice and reports
  • Environmental advice
  • Environmental coordination
  • Environment impact assessment
  • Integrated environmental permit / complex projects
  • Demolition and asbestos inventory

Environmental coordination

Given their activities, certain companies are required to appoint an environmental coordinator. Sweco Belgium has environmental coordinators (A and B) who take on this task. They drop into the work place at least four times a year and annually establish an environmental report on the previous calendar year. This operating procedure is your guarantee that your operation keeps up-to-date with the legislation. Our employees can also support the internal environmental coordinators. This includes:

  • Contribution to the development, input, application and evaluation of environmentally friendly production methods and products;
  • Providing legal recommendations about Flemish, Brussels and Walloon environmental legislation and supplying practical and useful guidelines for your company;
  • Providing economic recommendations for the minimisation of environmental costs, about subsidies and the drafting of grant applications;
  • Providing technical advice including in the areas of (waste) water and air treatment, energy savings and management, waste collection and processing, storage of hazardous substances and layout of storage depots.
  • Safeguarding or assuming responsibility for the waste materials register, the preparation of the annual environmental report and other administrative requirements, the implementation of the prescribed emission and immission measurements and the recording of the results.
  • Safeguarding compliance with environmental legislation and licensing conditions;
  • Making proposals about and contributing to the internal and external communications about the impact on people and the environment of your company, your products, your waste products and the provisions and measures to mitigate these consequences.
  • Assisting with inspections by the regulatory authorities.

  • Werner
    Team Manager Gestion du Sol & Strategic soil management
  • Jan
    De Kinderen
    Team Manager Soil & Environment
  • Annelies
    Coordinator Environmental Impact Assessment