EIA Transformation of N49 to main road in Lapscheure

For the conversion of the N49 to a main road, the existing traffic light controlled junction of the N49 with the Vredestraat, near Lapscheure, is being converted into an uneven level junction. In a spatial-technical feasibility study, Sweco Belgium has prepared and compared the various possible junctions and routes.


Client: Agentschap
Wegen en Verkeer West-Vlaanderen (AWV)

Location: Lapscheure, Damme

Period: 2013-2015

In order to keep the number of alternatives workable and clear-cut, and to keep the distinction between alternatives, the final options (extremes) were defined in a first step as meaningful alternatives. Through this process, eight meaningful alternatives were identified. These eight alternatives were then evaluated for their environmental impact and spatial-technical feasibility. On the basis of the research results of this first step, the search window was refined to a preferred solution. 

In conjunction with the investigation we have also set up a participation with the local population. In this process, it was important to make the options clear to those involved. All potential alternatives were proposed as realistically as possible through visualizations. In this way, the advantages and disadvantages, environmental impact and possible measures were properly open for discussion.

Figure: © Polygon