Adaptation of fire extinguishing network for energy plant

Sweco has carried out the engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCm) for an energy plant for the expansion of the fire extinguishing network in the machine room.


Customer: a major player in the energy market

Location: site of an energy plant

Period: October 2017 - July 2018

Disciplines: project management, detail engineering, procurement, construction management

Within this project, Sweco has taken on the general project management, including the management and monitoring of the change process and the financial project aspect. To realize efficient engineering, large parts of the installation were mapped out using the laser scanning technique. This allowed the most optimal routing in the existing installation to be determined during the engineering phase.

The project included the complete enclosure (creation of a ring pipeline) of the supply line of the fire extinguishing network. The necessary shut-off valves were added for this purpose in order to obtain specific partial consignments and a new, additional connection was provided to the underground mains network. In addition, 12 existing extinguishing stations were adapted and automatic extinguishing facilities were added. Using new, modified extinguishing curtains a separation was created between the two entities. A modernization of the existing foam installation was also part of the project scope. Here, the existing foam installation with bladder tanks was replaced by a new larger collector, two larger foam tanks and a foam injection pump.

Given the nature of the installation, the construction management was also entrusted to Sweco. This translated into a thorough construction management strategy. This was already started during the design phase with the preparation of an HSE strategy, a quality plan and the elaboration of the previous construction planning.