New ladle furnace for ArcelorMittal Gent

Construction ladle furnace to meet the demand for better, stronger types of steel with a low sulphur content.


Client: ArcelorMittal Gent

Location: Ghent

Period: 2014

Duration (detailed until start up): 12 months

Engineering hours: 15,000

Phases: preliminary design, design

Our approach


  • Integration on one of the four ladle-metallurgy lines
  • Turn key : electro-mechanical part
  • Adaptation of the existing and  additional infrastructure around the installation
  • Engineering new utilities
  • Modification existing pipework and cables
  • Adjusting furnace mode, steel ladles, steel carts and the maintenance modes for the ladles.


  • New filter instalation (turn key) and a complete cooling system
  • Construction new warehouse, pump room, cooling tower, piping bridge, substation, ultramodern control room.
  • Lay-out study
  • Concepts and specifications of the  necessary equipment

Specific approach

  • Project approach: EPCm
  • Procurement: responsible for the orders during construction


  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Process
  • Mechanical & civil engineering
  • Equipment
  • E&I
  • Piping
  • Construction management 

Company profile
ArcelorMittal is a steelworks located in the canal zone of Ghent. This giant manufactures steel from ore in several intermediate stages and with the automotive manufactures being a major source of custom.

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