Shutdown for EVAL Europe

Execution of 50 engineering projects with a site team: from preparation until implementation regarding a shutdown. Challenge: very divergent project on EPCm basis.


Client: EVAL Europe

Location: Zwijndrecht

Period: 2012 - 2014

Duration: 16 months

Engineering hours: 20.000

Phases: Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management

Our approach

Installation new brine refrigeration unit:

  • Set up specifications unit, order, technical follow up and fat.
  • Desconnection old unit
  • Connection on system EVAL
  • Testing

Column works:

  • Order hardware
  • Tender and preparation
  • Guarantee safety contractors
  • Technical follow up

Overfill protection tank farm:

  • Design, preparation and implementtation of the guidance of 12 tanks which were modified accordance Seveso

Heat recuperation and small maintenance projects.

Specific approach

  • Detailed & structured preparation together with client and third party
  • Implementation of the projects within budget and timing
  • Design tuned to the safety needs
  • Selection and guidance contractors
  • Planning and follow up via shutdown software
  • Permitting
  • Quality control through test packs
  • Smooth start up production systems
  • Assistance in sat. tests, commissioning and start up


  • Project & safety management
  • Procurement
  • Process
  • Construction management / supervision
  • Civil / Structural
  • Electrical / Instrumentation
  • Mechanical piping
  • Equipment
  • Document management support 

Company profile
Kuraray - EVAL Europe is market leader in the production of EVAL™ with a yearly capacity of 24,000 tonnes of EVOH resin in Zwijndrecht for the European, African and Middle East market. This synthetic resin is a gas and aroma barrier with a layer thickness of 1 micrometre. EVAL™ has multiple applications : EVAL™ packaging guarantees freshness and cosmetic products retain their scent longer.  Even in the construction and automotive industry they are active: fueltanks are often equipped with a layer of EVAL™. EVAL Europe is part of the Japanese Kuraray Group, which consists more than 80 companies and 7000 employees worldwide.