Infrastructure and sustainable mobility are indispensable in today’s society. Our experts are building on the infrastructure and transport systems for the cities and communities of tomorrow. We co-design cities with vitality and pleasant living surroundings along with efficient, easily accessible workplaces. For these, we create sustainable transport systems, smart networks and a safe and liveable layout.

  • Public domain asset management
  • Bridge and tunnel engineering
  • Wastewater purification and integrated water systems
  • Sustainable mobility solutions
  • Harbours and waterways
  • Project and contract management
  • Railway infrastructure
  • Road Design
  • Environmental and stakeholder management

Wastewater purification and integrated water systems

Water is the main raw material for all processes on Earth. Economic growth, urbanization and global warming provide increasingly greater challenges.

Sweco is involved in the development and implementation of safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions around water management. In our urban society, dealing astutely with flooding and drought is crucial. Our experts provide solutions that offer protection against floods and droughts and maintain freshwater supplies. We contribute to the ecological restoration of river and stream systems.

The quality of the surface water has to meet the European Water Framework Directive. Sweco has all the expertise on board to realize this objective together with you. We ensure the construction of a separate system of sewers and construction of collectors and pumping stations. In the outdoor areas we deal with the discharge of wastewater and surface water via pressure drainage systems and we help build water treatment plants.

  • Integrated water management
  • Design and management of sewage water infrastructure
  • Sewer renovation and maintenance.
  • Water safety and flood control
  • Natural hydraulic engineering
  • River and stream restoration
  • Climate adaptation
  • Wastewater treatment plants