Bicycle Bridge over Westerring Genk

The Westerring in Genk has a modern bicycle bridge. This new bicycle bridge is part of eliminating accident black spots in Flanders. Sweco Belgium was responsible for the reference design and the control on the technical calculations. The architectural design came from Arteum Architects.


Clients: City of Genk, Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer (AWV)

Contractor: VBG (main contractor) and CSM (steel construction)

Location: Genk

Period: 2013 - 2014

Services: technical studies

Partner: Arteum Architects

The bicycle bridge is part of a broader project including the construction of a slip road complex at Nieuwe Kuilenweg / Westerring as well as the junction with the Europalaan. Thanks to this bridge, cyclists and pedestrians are now able to safely cross the Westerring (N76).

Architectural Engineering
The new Genk bicycle bridge has been designed according to the integrated process of Architectural Engineering. Sweco's engineers were involved in the initial design phase. Together with the designers from Arteum Architects, they created a link between design and technology, and they reinforced the architectonic concept.

The result is a contemporary design, an eye-catcher for years to come. The design was even to the taste of an international engineering competition of the Nemetschek Structural Group. In spite of the striking design, the original budget was still respected. Each kilogram of steel was used optimally and by means of smart sustainable interventions, the total life cycle cost was kept limited.

Photo: © Ronny Engelen

Bicycle Bridge Westerring GenkBicycle Bridge Westerring Genk