Brussels Airport runway renovation

In 2015, the runway at Brussels Airport in Zaventem was extensively renovated. During the execution period of barely four months, the three kilometre long RWY 25L/07R was given a ‘new look’.


Client: Brussels Airport Company

Location: Zaventem

Period: 2014 - 2015

Services: drainage studies and water sealing, quality survey, 3D survey, supervision of works

Sweco Belgium’s commission involved the study of the sewage system drainage, a study for providing a new water seal on the tunnel tube of a regional road under the runway as well as the quality survey of the runway itself.

Furthermore, the commission was extended to a full 3D survey of both the aboveground and underground infrastructure. Sweco’s multidisciplinarity with expertise like mobile mapping, geodata and sewer renovation, brought in by domestic and foreign teams, guarantees the right approach. In addition to internal and extern supervision of the work, Sweco is involved in the quality survey.

Photo: © Tom D'haenens

Brussels Airport 25L/07RBrussels Airport 25L/07RBrussels Airport 25L/07R