Line 16 (lot 1) of the Grand Paris Express metro

Société du Grand Paris has awarded lot 1 for Lige 16 of the Grand Paris Express metro network to the contractors consortium of Eiffage, Razel-Bec and TSO. The consortium in turn relies on the expertise of Sweco for the BIM (Building Information Management) process and for the implementation design of various engineering structures.

Sweco has already been assigned the project coordination and detailed design for the infrastructure and layout of the automatic metro on the Le Bourget RER - Le Mesnil-Amelot section (Line 17).Sweco is also responsible for the project management and detailed design of the implementation of the Maintenance Point and Depot (SMR) and of the Maintenance Site for the Infrastructure (SMI) of Line 15 East.

Lot 1 of Line 16 facilitates a connection with Line 14, as well as the construction of the first few kilometres from Line 17 and Line 15 to the east. This subproject is combined with large-scale civil engineering works, such as the excavation of more than 19 km of tunnels, the construction of 18 additional structures, the construction of railways, overhead lines, linear equipment and the construction of five metro stations: Stade de France, La Courneuve Six-Routes, Le Bourget RER, Le Blanc-Mesnil and Saint-Denis Pleyel, the largest station of the Grand Paris Express (250,000 passengers per day).

Commissioning of the Grand Paris Express metro network in Paris is scheduled before the 2024 Olympic Games.