High-quality and liveable urban development form one of the most significant challenges for our society. Together with its clients and stakeholders, Sweco Belgium is building on sustainable urban living and working environments of tomorrow. Under the heading Urban.Habitat we offer services and commitment to focusing on the design of ideal environments, allowing people to live, work, travel and relax in the city and the landscape of tomorrow. The key process in this is our integrated approach. This is made possible owing to the wide availability of expertise and knowledge within our group. Urban Habitat provides a comprehensive vision for the design of cities and landscapes of the future. This with respect for the heritage of towns, villages and landscapes and with a commitment to promote economic growth, social development and inclusive welfare.


  • Landscape and Nature Design
  • Public Space
  • Master planning and Urban Development
  • Infrastructure Design and Mobility Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Design
  • Process management and Development Consulting
  • Design studio
  • Policy manuals and practical guidelines

Design studio

Using an interdisciplinary approach, Sweco works on sustainable planning and development of the living, working and recreational environment. From a future-oriented vision, we make creative designs for urban planning, infrastructure and landscape projects. Sweco’s Design Studio provides the key process for operating with a high level of quality. We integrate the ‘spatial designs’ component into our projects. The approach of the Design Studio allow methodical design processes and involves participants in an open manner in a co-design process. Linking creative ideas and technical expertise ensures quality and realistic solutions.