Masterplan Clementwijk Sint-Niklaas

The Clementwijk district is being extended with a sustainable green residential area. The district will offer accommodation for 700 dwellings - a mix of different dwelling types for different groups of residents - and a natural and adventurous landscape of four hectares. The scenic qualities, a strong canal structure and for the Waasland, typical ‘convex fields’ were structuring factors in the design.


Location: Sint-Niklaas

Partner: Fris in het Landschap

Client: City of Sint-Niklaas

Sweco developed a master plan on the basis of sustainable principles. The ambition is to create a residential area with an attractive public space that optimizes living quality of the neighbourhood and its surroundings and at the same time gives an identity and recognition. The slogan for the neighbourhood is green - car free - energy efficient - playful. The starting point for the layout is the preservation of scenic and ecological qualities. In the Clement district, the micro-relief of the ‘convex’ fields and the canal structure form the basic grid for the residential areas. The five developing parties have opted for a mixed allocation of the residential area to the various public and private developers. This results in the district having a variety of buildings and housing.

Water is a building component of the landscape and image of this new neighbourhood: water for buffering, water reservoir, circulation, ... with particularly close attention to play, experience and nature. The district is easily accessed by bike and public transport. The squares in the district are mostly residential spaces with benches, parking for bikes, lighting, and a tree here and there.