Aalst Lighting Plan

Sweco Belgium has developed a lighting plan for the city of Aalst, which involves the renovation and revaluation of functional lighting, accent and decorative lighting of its public spaces, buildings and artworks. The lighting plan encompasses an overall concept for the entire city and detailed concepts for the historical centre, the village centres of Meldert and Moorsel, the Hopmarkt, Station Square and various (historical) buildings.


Client: City of Aalst

Location: City of Aalst and sub-municipalities

Period: 2010 - 2015

Partners: Atelier Roland Jeol, Omgeving

The overall lighting concept emphasizes the municipal structure: city, villages and open space. A differentiation in the functional lighting translates the transition between the urban environment and open space. Outside of the centres, along roads, the lighting is mainly functional and essentially focused on safety. In the centres and for the architectonic lighting, the perception is key: the public space as a meeting place where at night the uniqueness of the place is faithfully reproduced, nuanced and accentuated. Other principles of the lighting concept: rational use of energy, avoiding or limiting light pollution, increasing social and road safety, efficiency in installation and use.

The lighting plan is summarized in a handbook. Various places and monuments are already being given new lighting today, including the villages of Moorsel and Meldert, the Hopmarkt, the Old Hospital, the Keizersplein and the Statieplein. The city will be continuing with the realization of its lighting plan over the coming years.

Photo: © Bram Goots