BUUR, Part of Sweco: working together on tomorrow's social transition

Sweco Belgium has concluded a Share Purchase Agreement with BUUR, Bureau for Urbanism. Sweco will include BUUR's enthusiastic employees and leading projects in its offering. Together, we will realise a common mission: the co-creation of a high quality and sustainable living environment for future generations.

Complementary and multilateral expertise

Strong cooperation gives BUUR and Sweco more clout. It offers the opportunity to contribute on a larger scale in the transition to an energy- and climate-neutral, healthy and safe society. We do this driven by our conviction that a carefully considered spatial layout changes our behaviour and society for the better.

Urban and rural areas need inspiring and integral designs and feasible solutions. By combining our activities, we strengthen our expertise in strategic and spatial planning, urban design and the creation of public spaces and landscapes. We ensure an integrated vision and cooperation between disciplines such as infrastructure, energy, buildings and environmental technology.

From design and research to policy support, project management and implementation. Thanks to the range of services we provide, we formulate integrated and effective responses to the ambitions of clients and partners.

BUUR and Sweco continue to work hard. As we do so, we deliberately aim to serve as an example in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. We explore new markets with innovative solutions. With the support of the international Sweco group, we position ourselves in Europe and globally as a partner in Transforming Society Together.

A strong, dedicated team

Our international team is full of committed collaborators with widely differing areas of expertise. That creates a surprising and enriching synergy.

Together, we transform our far-reaching social ambitions into reality according to a single, clear vision.