Greenbridge Science Park

A sustainable science park has been developed in Ostend’s inner port. The location on the open polder landscape border raises the bar for high-quality design and landscaping. Sweco is responsible for drawing up the layout, allocation and management as well as the CO2-neutrality plan.


Client: University of Ghent

Location: Ostend

Period: 2014 - 2015

The site is about 20 hectares and located within the industrial estates of Plassendaele I. The focus is primarily on a spatially sustainable, technically and financially feasible layout of the sites. Focal points include a safe and unified access, integrated water management, a high image quality of both the buildings and the site by means of a strong green-blue structure.

Simultaneously with the layout study, a framework is being drawn up for the allocation and management of the site, so that the proposed layout is extended to the private plots. Per area, this leads to a coherent set of rules on block and plot level. The site management plan includes an overview of the choice made regarding the management of the industrial estate and sets clear goals for the park management.

Among other things, the CO2-neutrality plan includes measures that can be taken to keep the site CO2 neutral. In doing this it is the client’s ambition to go broader than just electricity consumption. It also concerns energy consumption through heating and sustainable mobility.