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Success stories

Working for Sweco brings great stories

So many people, so many personal and different stories. About taking leaps into the deep, about adventures for the future, about creating and seizing opportunities. Together they make Sweco. And together they make a difference every day. For you, for the people around you and for the generations to come. How? Read the stories from Kate, Wouter, Rachid and Joren.

Our people

“When I started at Sweco, I mainly worked on designing fire safety installations in buildings. Later, I came into contact with other technical installations, such as HVAC and sanitary. And I learned a lot in a short time! My working week is highly varied because I work on several projects at the same time: from the design of a smoke and heat extraction system to the submission of an EPIC. Recently, I became Deputy Project Leader, which gave me more responsibility and I will soon lead projects entirely by myself.”

Deputy Project Leader, Buildings

“When I started at Sweco, I supported various infrastructure projects in terms of stability. I worked in various teams to develop technical questions, but also monitored some construction sites. However, I soon wanted to work on the really big projects and so I ended up at Oosterweel. Here, I do project coordination on the one hand (for example, I coordinated the study of the layout of the impressive pipe ducts under the Antwerp ring road). On the other hand, I’m working on stability calculations and I’m helping with the phasing of Rechteroever (The Right Bank). I work closely with people from all disciplines, both internal and external. That makes it extremely exciting and challenging!”

Deputy Project Leader, Infrastructure

“The atmosphere is conducive to helping each other and everyone is willing to do that, because ultimately the success of a project depends on our collaboration. It’s not about Rachid or Mohamed, it’s about Sweco. I get a lot of energy from working with my immediate colleagues.”

Engineer, Industry

“I’m involved in different projects in different phases, including minor and major projects. No two days are the same, so it almost feels like time’s flying. This is, of course, also thanks to the great team I ended up with. Everyone’s always ready to help.”

Consultant Designer, Regional Infrastructure

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