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Environment impact assessment

Sweco Belgium also has a full team of accredited EIA experts. We help authorities, companies and investors in meeting their obligations with regard to environmental impact assessment.

We advise on the EIA obligation and the correct procedure for both the EIA plan as well as the EIA project and other procedure forms, such as exemption and screening.

For each plan or project development, it is relevant to identify and list the potential environmental impact early. Sweco helps you in such research that is highly result-oriented: the optimization of the plan or project in the context of the prevention of serious impact including for nature, landscape, soil, water, mobility and nuisance issues. On this basis, we can create an impact assessment together, with which we can complete the procedures further with great certainty.

The EIA experts from Sweco have extensive experience in working on integrated urban development and major infrastructure projects. We are familiar with the requirements of the complex projects of the new decree and the multiple impact assessments in this procedure.

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