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Feasibility studies

Both construction and infrastructure projects and urban and rural development projects require in every case a proper weighing of environmental factors and preconditions. We map out a project’s opportunities and challenges, without losing sight of the requirements set by the owner or initiator. Sweco conducts a multidisciplinary study of the financial, technical, spatial and environmental aspects of a project. We actively help look for solutions that increase a project´s feasibility.

The feasibility of a project depends on the degree to which it relates to its environment: a good landscape and spatial integration, balanced access; in short, with a scale and dimension that does not divert any impacts.

We specialize in the analysis of environmental and mobility impacts. By mapping out the ecological and health effects on human beings and the environment from the very start of a project, we also think immediately about attenuating, mitigating or compensatory measures. This makes it possible to integrate them into the project in good time and to adjust the project or to provide alternatives. This approach offers a major guarantee for a feasible and realizable project, with the necessary support base amongst the residents involved, advisory bodies or permit-granting authorities.

BUUR Part of Sweco is the leading multidisciplinary research, planning and design team within Sweco Belgium. Together we translate the joint ambition ‘Transforming Society Together’ into concrete visions and projects for the spatial transition.

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